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Physical Access Control - Identification - Consulting

Our Services can be construed into provision of Integrated Security Management and Identification Solutions and the development of Smartcard related technologies for Physical Access Control.

ITL uses a comprehensive array of security management hardware and software. With these products, we are able to offer complete systems tailored to the particular needs of each client. ITL provides technologies that are reliable, expandable and unique to every solution, regardless of size or complexity.

The hallmark of our system is its 'Open Architecture' which enables you to take advantage of standardized communications protocol between security devices. Open Architecture eliminates the need for massive system replacements when upgrading to new technology as it allows new devices to communicate easily with older security hardware, thus effectively extending the life span of your facility's security system.

ITL's security management software modules run on both relational and non-relational database engines including SQL server, Oracle and MS Access. The software is expandable from a single-user Windows 98-based system to a multi-user Windows NT server based solution capable of supporting unlimited numbers of client workstations, cardholders, card readers, and thousands of alarm inputs and control outputs.

In future, ITL intends to expand to other IT areas such as Logical Access Security Management Systems, Network Maintenance and Installation, Programming and general hardware/ software integration

Physical Access Control - Identification - Consulting
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