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About Interface Technologies

Core Competence

Our aim at all times is to ensure that your organization has a solution that meets both your current and future needs. We focus on the most intelligent security management systems that are able to seamlessly integrate into your building's full suite of systems including CCTV, Fire Alarm Monitoring, Building Facility Management, Time & Attendance and even MORE.:

Our Purpose

Interface Technologies (ITL) is a private limited liability company registered in Nigeria to carry on the business of supplying, installing and maintaining advanced integrated solutions in the areas of security management, smartcard related technologies and other e-solutions. Its services also extend to providing consultancy in these core service areas. MORE.:

Our Vision

ITL's vision is to be at the forefront of innovative security solutions, driven by strong research and development efforts and using product and service suites of reputable quality.

The key elements of our vision include: MORE.:


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