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The more general benefits of the physical access control and security management system, apart from those previously described, are numerous and include (but are not limited to) the following: Photo ID Badging - the software has modules that can be used to design, generate and print PVC plastic ID cards.

Elevator Control - the access control software also has facilities for the control of elevators, such that access can be granted or restricted to particular floors based on the access level of the person using the elevator lift.

Workstation Event Filtering - this important feature allows for particular events from those automatically logged to the system database to be filtered to aid the operator select desired data.

CCTV Control - the system integrates perfectly with camera surveillance systems.

Interactive Animated Graphic Maps - maps can be drawn and loaded into the access system software to provide visual and therefore, more convenient views of controlled sites. Who Is In Report - is a reporting feature of the access system that provides a roll of cardholders in particular areas of the secured premises. This report can be very useful when people have to be located or evacuated as a matter of urgency.

Enhanced System Communications - the system can operate effectively either by direct communication, over a local or wide area network, or via a dialup telephone line. A centrally controlled system can therefore effectively monitor tens of thousands of locations, having up to 50,000 cardholders per location.

Pager System Interface - reporting of events, alarms, etc. can be to a pager device or mobile phone. Operator password profiles - are a mechanism that secures the system from unauthorized use, as regards administration. The operator passwords are unique to each operator; having an assigned profile that determines what privileges the operator has in the software.

Access Time Zoning - Time zones are the time of day/ day of week schedules that lock and unlock doors, enable and disable cards, arm and disarm alarm points, and force the controlled doors to various forms of operation. This provides programmed restriction of the secured premises to various levels of access during weekdays, weekends, public holidays, etc.

Event Backup System - the system automatically archives files, and the database and history backups can be encrypted with an alphanumeric password, which must be used to restore or read the data, contained in the backup.

Event Logging - by logging events, including corresponding date and time, as they transpire in the premises (by real time recording of registered information about the staff gaining entrance into and out of the secured premises), the system provides an exhaustive activity reporting system for the monitoring of staff movement within secure premises. Manual registers are done away with.

Cardholder Management Reports - provides an almost exhaustive suite of report formats for various purposes. Reports on events, access levels, audit trails, staff information, user profiles, etc. can easily be prepared and printed using the Report Management System.

Operator Audit Trail - when enabled this feature will record all of the changes made to the database. This history will provide the ability to review what was changed, who changed it, when it was chanted and what the original data was.

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